Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I love my husband

It's no secret I feel like crap today. Stupid cold. I am living off of cough drops, just to keep my voice.

This morning, the alarm went off to get the kids dressed for school. I hit snooze. Apparently, I also turned it off. So, 1.5 hours later, when I awoke at 7:30, I was a little panicked. The bus had left 20 minutes earlier, so one of us had to run her to school. I made their breakfast, and tied the bows on the cookies, ready to just crumble to the floor.

My hero of the day gets up, without pitching a fit, or whining, and takes her to school. He then even takes the little one to preschool, walking her inside instead of just dropping her off in carpool, so he can walk my cookies in.

The, after going BACK out to pick her up, he runs out to Burger King, since my mommy friends had me craving french fries. When they filled the frypod up only half way, he didn't leave until they made it right. Just because he knew how much my fries meant to me.

Then, he went and picked Chloe up from school early, came back to get Emily, all to take them to their wellcheck appointment that I am too sick to take them to myself.

If I wasn't so sick... He would be a very happy man tonight. I love him. He's my hero.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and you and your girls are gorgeous!


Princess Peaches said...

Thank you Christine!