Monday, October 26, 2009

The Irritation of Tina

People are driving me up the freaking wall.  To the point, I just don't want to answer the phone and/or block them from my Facebook.  Apparently, Father knows best isn't just a TV show, but at least back in the TV shows days, they understood the importance of staying home with the kids. 

It doesn't seem to translate into 2009 though, where every time my father calls me or sends me a message, it involves some type of "get a job" message. 

Suffering through insomnia?  Get a Job.
Baking Cookies? Get a Job
Getting the kids ready for school?  Get a Job
Tired?  Get a Job
Christmas Shopping?  Get a Job
Socializing with friends?  You need to get a job!

Apparently, I am a non productive member of society since I don't pay taxes.  Sorry dad, I'm not Sarah Palin.  Don't want to be.  Maybe if she had stayed home, she wouldn't have a teenage daughter with a child, ever think about that?

I am being a productive member of society.  Raising my children.  I'm sorry you can't see that, and don't understand the concept, but this is my job.  And I am happy, shouldn't that be enough?  Why is that hard for you to grasp?

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