Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Liberals View On Food Stamps

I'm so liberal, I am practically a socialist, and this is enough to drive my father to drink. (just ask him!)

On my mommy boards lately, food stamps have been brought up numerous times, just in time for the holidays. What is or what is not acceptable to buy with food stamps? What's the most extravagant thing that you have bought with your food stamps? Are you a welfare queen for wanting to feed your child? Should you use food stamps to impress people at a birthday party?

I sometimes think that conservatives take things to far. "OMG, that woman was driving a CAR and bought MILK with FOOD STAMPS! Bitch is milking the system with MY TAX DOLLARS!" Yeah, no, I am not joking. I hear this at least once a week.

Then, there is the other side of the coin where people are bragging about buying lobsters with their food stamps and claim that the people that are pissed about it are just jealous they can't have lobster too.

Um, no, you can't. Sorry. But it's people like YOU who make the people who really need it look bad. People that brag about all the "free" food they can afford, just because they qualify. It's not free. Someone, somewhere is paying for it, while you abuse it. The amount of food that one lobster could buy is staggering.

It's YOU who make the mom who struggles to to turn things around feel like scum while paying with her EBT card at the cashier, the mother whose face turns shades of red wondering if people are judging her because she sucked up her pride just to feed her family.

But then, people who abuse the system don't see that mom. They are too busy turning their noses up at society and saying "so, don't be jealous I qualify and you don't"

To those moms who use food stamps, I want to commend you for putting your children ahead of your pride. Making sure your children are taken care of makes you a good mother, no matter what the person behind you in line thinks, no matter what a judgmental mom on the internet says. You are being a GOOD MOM.

For those who stock their carts with overpriced steaks, lobsters each week never use coupons, and have never bought store brand? Keep it up. And don't get pissed when you hear the mom behind you calling you a bitch. You are.


amyndavid said...

LOL Preach it girl!! I personally do not quality for any government assistance and it pisses me off that so many people milk the system (illegally might I add). We can't even get medical insurance for our baby girl - about to make an appearance any day now. (due oct 30th) When she is born our insurance will go up another $140 every 2 weeks. Total we will be paying just shy of $800 a month for health insurance.

My hubby says we're better off gettin fired, living off unemployment, and drawing welfare. That's just sad!

Princess Peaches said...

That is why we need some type of health care reform! (whether this "new" idea is good or not, we need SOMETHING) That is insane.

I have heard it my entire life, and I finally understand: Middle Class gets screwed.

Combat Mommy said...

THANK YOU!! My sister milks the system...going as far as to say her and her hubby are seperated and she lives with our mom...bull! they are married and have their own place! It pisses me off! They qualify for almost $700 a month (fam of 5)...She even told me to wait to buy easter candy b/c "I can get it with food stamps!" WTF Bitch!