Friday, October 16, 2009

Is Heaven a TimeShare?

I consider myself Christian, but not what you would call "mainstream" Christian. I tend to buck societies norms on that.
I am the Christian that believes people are born gay and that God/Goddess doesn't care. All that she/he cares is that we are happy and try to live our lives right, and that we try to make sure our children do as well.

I am the Christian that believes you can be closer to God in nature, than you can ever be inside a church. There you are in the beauty of what God created, that he loved making for us.

I am the Christian that isn't sure whether Jesus was a messiah, or just a wonderful prophet of the Lord.

That doesn't sit well with a lot of people. But I am also a believer that God gave us our minds for a reason, and as long as we try, he doesn't penalize us.

Therefor, I get lost in church, and I feel that today it's more like the Minister is selling a timeshare than teaching about God. If you do this, you get here, but if you do that, you get this all inclusive paid trip here. You can upgrade, but it's going to cost you 15% more a week in tithes. Pony up.

Is this what religion has become? Selling Timeshares?

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