Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grasshoppers are Growers

I started thinking, and wanted to catalog the number of strange things that happened while Rosalie was here. (and yes, Rosalie is an assumed name)

1. Grasshoppers having sex. Right outside my kitchen window. Yes, you read that right. And she looked rather board with his lack of movement. She just kept turning around, walking down the branches. You could almost hear her thinking about how she wishes she were a praying mantis.

2. Actually getting out of the house. It's freaky. I never leave without kids, and yet, was able to do it TWICE. Two days in a row.

3. Movie and a live show. We had the psycho white woman in the theater who didn't want to shut up, so another theater patron yelled for her to do just that. Well, apparently, "you don't speak to a fucking lady like that". A lady, who, tries to start a fight with said man in the parking lot, and when he doesn't bite, she calls him a coward.

4. The people we meet at the mall. The night before Rose left, we headed back to the Mills. She has got me to actually buy Gymbo clothing. A store I refused to step foot in, and she has me spend $100 on clothes. I could hurt her! With love of course. But we met some real characters while there. My favorite was the clerk at Earthbound. He had a bracelet on that said "I love Boobies". Of course, I laughed and he explained that his mom had a double mastectomy, and in was in support of her. Then, he let's us know that the person who bought him the bracelet just got a boob job, so he REALLY loves boobies. I jokingly said that I would get one, but it would just be bragging.

So, grasshoppers having sex....

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