Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day: Letters From Your Psycho Mom

Thumbelina came home from her weekend with her father at 8:15am yesterday. A few hours earlier than usual because it's mothers day. I was supposed to be sleeping in, however, even though we had no kids in the house, I was awake. Matt had woken up at 5:45, but fallen back asleep on the couch. When he woke up, he made me french toast. A first for him, and I am happy to say he didn't burn it! As soon as Thumbelina came in, she was pouting, as she saw Alice over at the neighbors house in her jammies. It was a birthday party and they had all camped in the backyard. Yes, I had the night before Mommys day FREE.

Thumbelina came in and I opened her present. A dish towel, with her hand print acting as the tulip to the stem and grass painted on it. Matt later brought in my present from him after I commented that the least he could do was keep the house clean today. A candle warmer. It goes well with my living room colors.

He gave this to me after my mothers day mood went downhill. We had just put Thumbelina down for her nap at 2:30 when Matt noticed that there was someone at the door. My stepfather. With 3 cards. One for each of the girls, and one for me. Of course, we read the girls before deciding whether or not we would give them to them. We decided against, for now, as it was all about how they couldn't wait to see them again, and that's not happening after what happened after Easter.

I opened mine, and it was all fine. However, the letter that fell out was not. It started off fine, but you can tell when her anger got the best of her. Right after telling me she didn't drink anymore at all, except when she had beers with her friends. Apparently, beer is better than vodka now or something, I guess. Then the tangent went downhill and she berated me. How she supported me through 2 pregnancies, how much she and my stepfather sacrificed for me. How horrible my father is, yet my sister and I treated her like shit and him like gold. Nothing I haven't heard before during her drunken tirades.

I laugh about her pregnancy support. How she told me I would be a horrible mother, how I would never keep my children because I was so awful, how fat and ugly I looked during pregnancy. AFTER the pregnancies, she would continue to berate my parenting, tell me she was going to take my daughter from me, and pretty much all that you can imagine. I guess in her mind, that was support. As for what they sacrificed, I don't even want to touch that. *I* paid the rent of their apartment, while my girls and I slept in a bedroom together, *I* cooked all the meals because she was too drunk. *I* did the grocery shopping because she wouldn't. *I* balanced their checking account because they kept bouncing and making me pay for their mistakes, so I just took it over. *I* gave them all the money from the sales of my cars because they made me feel as if I owed it. *I* paid all of the bills, because they kept forgetting and things kept getting turned off.

So, what did they sacrifice for me again?

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