Monday, May 31, 2010

To My Dear Darling Husband

I'm smart. Not smashing atoms smart, but smart enough to know that if your computer will not charge, you need to buy a new cord. Yes, there is always a possibility that it's something more, but it's a very easy test, that is painless compared to paying to take it to our friends brother who does this for a living, and will CHARGE US.

However, I realize that you are going to do this anyway, come home after finding out that it IS the cord, and go "Blah Blah said it's the cord and we should buy a new one". How do I know this? Past experience. It seems that every single time things like this happen, I tell you how to fix said issues, but you have to go to someone you think is smarter than your own wife, because, apparently, they know better.

I love you, but kiss my ass.

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