Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish Review

About a week ago, Zoya had a great deal on nail polish. Great as in FREE. 3 full sized bottles, for only the cost of shipping (6.95). Of course we Bargain Hunting Mamas jumped right on the deal. As did 400,000 others. Which surprised even Zoya. The code was good for a week, but their servers couldn't handle the amount of traffic they brought on. It took a while, but I finally got mine. So did my husband ;) "His" haven't arrived yet, but should soon.

I received mine in the mail today (who's to say they wouldn't have shown up on Monday as the today is the first time the mail has run all week. Snowpocalypse!). I immediately ripped open the package to find even more packaging to rip open. Zoya ships these pretty well to prevent breaking. They also sent some color palettes. 2 palettes I wasn't a fan of, but 2, possibly 3, off the Wicked palette jump out at me. (how fitting)

By the time I was done painting my first pinky, my thumb was already dry. 2 coats and a top coat later, it took 15 minutes before I felt comfortable typing, which is pretty fast, considering other polishes can take up to an hour, if they are dark. I painted my nails in Mata Hari. Ignore how short they are, as one of the nails broke this morning, so I chopped them all off. Plus, I didn't do any clean up on the polish mistakes, just snapped a fast photo.

My only problem with Zoya isn't really my problem at all, but one of a friends. She placed her order, was given a confirmation, but it never showed up under her account. She was patient, but today called them and was informed that the order wasn't showing up. When she gave them her confirmation number as proof, they basically told her she was SOL, as the promotion was over. So after all their "please be patient with us", in the end she was screwed out of a great deal. She went to their Facebook page to talk to someone there, and while others who've posted after her are being answered, as of the time of this writing, Zoya has still yet to answer her questions. Which is a pretty big fail in customer service. You should have at least responded. Instead, it's obvious that you are ignoring any problems and only responding to those saying they love you.

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Andrea said...

I like that purpley color. Nice choice. :)