Thursday, February 3, 2011

Around The World, Sushi Chefs Begin To Cry

Alice loves sushi (takes after her daddy). You know, the non raw fish rolls that you get at some restaurants that are called sushi? She hates cream cheese and crab meat, so that doesn't leave much of a choice. I've found the seaweed, green pepper, and carrot mixture is her preferred sushi of choice.

Wait, did I just name 3 veggies? You mean I can get my child to eat raw veggies? OK, OK. She eats carrots. And loves cooked veggies. But when all her friends at school are eating cupcake snacks, chips, and soft drinks, my child sometimes feels left out. Apparently her BFF told her today that the homemade bread I make is "nasty". Sorry kids, it's not WONDER BREAD!

So, being ME, I decided to start making Alice sushi to take to school. I've driven my husband insane in my search for all the stuff I need. After searching EVERYWHERE in our town, I found the nori, sushi rice, and rice vinegar at the Walmart near Concord Mills. Yes, WALMART. Though, why only at that one location, I'll never know. Can we get some at the one near me? Please? I bought my sushi rolling mat and paddle for $3 at World Market in University.

Why are sushi chefs around the world crying? Because the only thing "sushi" in my "sushi" rolls are the nori and the sushi rice. My ingredients? Sharp cheddar, fresh cut deli ham, and sliced carrots. And she'll still dip it in soy sauce. My husband at the ends dipped in soy. He says it's good, the rice had a great flavor. So, score one for me! No matter how sloppy they look!!!


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