Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poo On Hardees

I have been a loyal Hardee's patron for years. But now? I will never step foot through their horrible, no good, very bad restaurant ever again. As of Wednesday (February 20, 2011), Hardee's has banned their curly fries. At least according to the ones near us.

A quick glance at their website (Hardee's and Carl's Jr), shows they are no longer listed in the side items section. Though, Carl's Jr does have a fry called the criss cross fry that looks like a waffle fry, but seasoned like a curly fry. Not really sure if Carl's ever had curly fries.

When I was pregnant, I became very upset when I realized that they had done away with their yummy chili burger, but I still had my childhood favorite, The Frisco. Plus, my favorite, curly fries!!!!

Last Friday, after spending the evening selling 106 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the patrons of Bi-Lo's (thanks to Bi-Lo for letting us set up there), we headed to Hardees for some curly fries. Not once did they mention the evil, horrible, no good, very bad thing that was coming.

So POO ON YOU Hardee's. And poo on you again for deleting my comment on your FB page asking why. Great customer service. Assholes.


Angela C said...

Carl's hasn't ever had curly fries that I know of. I miss Hardee's and Carl's just isn't the same.

Peaches said...

I was wondering. Carl's Jr people were missing out too!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Hardees places here in town still sell them, they also ask you if you want normal or curly. I guess our town just doesn't care.