Sunday, February 27, 2011

Would You Like Some Creamy Breast milk?

Over on the mommy board, someone posted that a London restaurant is selling breast milk ice cream, and it's being called "Baby Gaga". That was shocking enough, I guess. I'm sure that there is a creepy market for people wanting to taste a womans milk. But I can tolerate insanity, to an extent. The fact that this resturuant SOLD OUT of the creepy breast milk ice cream? That's the point my brain shuts down. I can't grasp that concept. Or the fact that people paid $20 for the "treat".

Apparently, the ice cream contains the breast milk of 15 different women. It's free range. A comment from the board sums that one up...

"I love the part where the guy says it's "free range", lol. It's like they have a free range breast milk farm where topless, lactating women are running around playing in the fields"

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