Monday, November 29, 2010

Payback's A *Bleep*

I think I caught the stomach virus. Either that or I just am feeling ill for no reason. Either way, I'm out of commission and it's Matts job to play Mr. Mom.

He isn't doing well...

He made the girls dinner (chicken nuggets for nights like these), and then started making my chicken noodle soup. I had to walk him through how to make a can of Campbells, laughing to myself. While doing that, Alice asks him where she was supposed to throw something away, because there was no bag in the trashcan. "OH MY GOD! Everyone quit coming to me with all these problems!"

It gets better. He sits down, and after a bit, Thumbelina comes out, says her tummy hurts. When he finally gets up (10 minutes later), she's feeling better, so off to bed, no meds needed. About 15 minutes later, she comes back out to get some Pepto because she says it's hurting again. He gets up, gets her pepto, sends her back to bed and then rants that he's tired of getting up. He just wants to rest.

Being ill sucks, but it's almost worth it. Almost.

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