Friday, November 5, 2010

Y'all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind!

In your head, you are singing "up in here, up in here" right now, aren't you? Thought so. I have been at the school almost every day this week. First for the AIG meeting, then for the Parent/Teacher meeting, and then for the Young Authors social. Where I got to hear one little boy lament that he didn't win. Which he should have, because his story was better than everyones! I felt bad for the kid.

The P/T conference was the usual praising of Alice. She's reading on a higher level, 183wpm, when the goal for the 9 weeks is 77. On a scale from A-U in reading comprehension, she's tested off the charts (as did 4 other kids in her class! Yay!) The goal for that is between N-O.

Then we moved on to the fact that this teacher is more perceptive than Alice's other teachers. I finally have someone who makes me feel like it's not just me. An ally in my court so to speak. Who knows, she actually sounded pretty amazed that I wasn't arguing with her personal assessment, so she might feel the same! Alice is lazy and irresponsible. I know, she's a 3rd grader, but I expect more from her. So does her teacher! Yay!!!!! Alice has decided that she's a special snowflake who can rush through things, and it's messing with her grades. My child is special to me, but she's no more special than any other snowflake in that school. She has to realize this. I think she's been coddled too much. Is there a such thing as over praising a child? I think that's what happened.

On top of that, she fails to be responsible for her own things. I see this at home, and it's apparently happening in school as well. It's something we have been working on at home and I am so happy that her teacher is doing it there as well. The only person responsible for Alice is.... Alice. (Yes, I know. But for this portion of the lesson, this is the rule she needs to learn)

This leads me to going "WTF IS GOING ON????!?!?!?!?!?" This morning was hell morning. She wouldn't get out of bed (she fell out at 7:40), she came in with an attitude over breakfast (she didn't want peach oatmeal, she wanted strawberry), she didn't want to drink her milk (it tasted funny), lied about brushing her teeth (Swear I did!), put on a skirt with no tights after I told her it was cold (and proceeded to cry her eyes out when I made her switch to pants because she didn't have time to put on tights now...), listlesly combed her hair, leaving me to pick up that slack. Finally brushed her teeth, only to miss her bus. This of course made her cry, because I made her sit on her bed until Mr. Peaches could take her to school.

I don't know what got into her this morning, but if bed time has to be moved up to freaking 7pm, I'll do it! (currently, set at 8pm)

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