Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations to the 3rd Grade Essay Winner!

How I Found My Furry Friend

Two and a half years ago, I really wanted a dog. This is the story of how I found Ziva.

One Saturday morning my mom woke my sister Thumbelina and me up. She pulled into a place called Cabarrus Pet Society, a blue house on South Main Street. We went in through the back and we looked at all the dogs. Some were so cute! There were giant dogs and smalls dogs. Mommy said no to all the small dogs we saw because they were too hyper.

We finally walked onto the front porch and saw some really cute puppies. My sister and I screamed "PUPPIES!!!" My mom screamed "NO!!!" We looked to the right and saw two small dogs. It was a mother dog and her puppy. I grabbed my mom and begged her to look. A lady offered us to come inside the cage. We said yes and went inside the cage and sat down with the dogs. They came to us and sat on our laps. We wanted to take both dogs home, but we could only get one. It was a hard choice, but we decided on the cute black and brown puppy.

We brought our new puppy home, and when my dad got home, we decided it was time to give her a name. My mom asked everyone what they wanted to name her. I said Cupcake. Thumbelina said Snow White. My dad wanted to name her from Lord Of The Rings. My mom said how about Ziva? My mom won, of course.

And that is the story of how we found our dog Ziva. We love her, no matter how silly her name is.

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