Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am I Overreacting?

I talked to Mr. Peaches about this last night, and he said he had to think on it before I emailed the gym teacher. Is it because I'm a mom? Because Alice has had issues? Because I'm hyper vigilant enough?

Yesterday in P.E., the coach weighed the kids. Which, honestly, I am not against. What I am against is the fact that he yells out the weights in front of the entire class. Alice is in the 73% for her height and the 75% for her height. We worked really hard getting her weight stabilized, and the doctor was in happy tears over it. Alice has never really been concerned with her weight, but came home in tears (sad ones), upset that she weighs more than other girls in her class. She was also upset that a girl who weighs 115lbs was made fun of by other students.

I am sure he was calling it out to be written down, but let's be honest. Kids are cruel. Kids are soaking things up at this age. Kids should not be crying over their weight. Teaching healthy eating habits? YES Teaching about getting enough physical exercise? YES

Making them feel self conscious about their weight at 8 years old? FUCK NO


Brandie said...

You are not over reacting. He needs to be reminded that, at this age, children are very impresionable (I can't spell.... sorry) and things like that make a huge, and lasting, impact. I would email the teacher also. I was not chubby as a child. I was fat, and still, 30 years later, remember how it felt to be teased.

Good luck.

Princess Peaches said...

Thank you for justifying my feelings. I think my husband doesn't understand it being upsetting because maybe guys didn't get it as hard? I don't know, but I am worried about my daughter and her fellow female classmates. We have enough thrown at us, we don't need this so young.

Mom_To_3_Silly_Bears said...

Oh I hated that in P.E. class. made me want to crawl in a hole and die! I was always on the chubby side so it made it a million times worse, i would totally bitch out the teacher lol