Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wedding Shoes

Today was my 10 year reunion. I skipped the main two events, but had my Trojan Man and the kids in Statesville by 9:40am to tour my old school. It was wonderful seeing everyone again, especially Amanda. I missed her so much! I know I missed seeing other people because I skipped the park and dinner, but tomorrow's my anniversary, and we have plans.

Have I mentioned that the tore the really old part of my school down? The part that was completely wooden, even the lockers? I wanted to cry, but I have to admit, the renovations turned out to be better than expected. The school really stepped it up and has become very supportive of the arts programs. So much attention was put into the theater rooms, I am jealous! They even have dressing rooms for the students now with the bright "I'm a superstar!" mirrors and lights. I expected to hate the auditorium, but the renovations were mostly updating the stage lights and things to make for better productions. Amanda, Lane, and I got up on stage, hamming it up. Amanda and Lane actually jumping off. I was too chicken in high school, and still am now apparently!

Did I mention the school now has a dance room? Floor to ceiling mirrors and ballet beams. They bus in students from the county next to mine to take dance there! You can also attend the school for 5 years, leaving with an AA degree. Tell me that isn't something wonderful? I feel that in some ways, we missed out.

When we left the school, we headed to Amalfis to eat. My first real job, waiting tables. I loved it, and loved the food. Mr. Peaches and I split a large stromboli. By split, I mean I ate 1/4 of it. Thumbelina liked the cheese raviolis, but swore mine were better. Alice is still raving about the "real" pizza. We have nothing but crap in this town, so she was enthralled. After that, I took them to Lakewood park, the park I spent many a childhood days in. Even Mr. Peaches agreed that it was beautiful. I miss home so much.

We are back home now and Alice is still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that her mom was in fact, young once. Mr. Peaches is sleeping. I am typing here, waiting until 5pm to wake him up for us to go out. Thumbelina is at her fathers. She wanted to stay, but he would miss her I'm sure. Thinking about what was going on during this time last year, I got nostalgic about my wedding shoes. I have worn them once, but they still sit under my nightstand, where I see them daily. I remember Mr. Peaches sending me out to find them. Promising to watch the kids for hours so I could. I had so much trouble and had drug them so many places, imagine everyones surprise when I arrived home in 20 minutes, the perfect shoes in hand.

And I am wondering where that polish disappeared to. I looked everywhere for it last night!

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