Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why Does It Always Have To Be Me?

Last night I was exhausted. Mr. Peaches fails to realize that I get less sleep than anyone in this household, and it all culminated in me almost passing out from lack of enough sleep. "GO TO BED EARLIER!" could be screamed from the rooftops, but as any mom knows, that's not always an option. Which leaves everyone but me bright eyed and bushy tailed.

So, last night, half out of it, I heard Mr. Peaches say he would take care of the mess from dinner. I wake up to find that the sink is stuffed with dishes, the onions and chili were left out on the counter (oh, he places a napkin over them) and the extra brats, thrown into the fridge, no tinfoil nor placed in Tupperware. So look at that. 6 brats, an onion, and an entire bowl of chili, in the trash can. I know, it's only $5.00 down the drain, but it could have been lunch today, you know?

I'm just tired and frustrated. I was supposed to sleep in this morning, but that went over everyones head. Mr. Peaches remarked "What are you talking about? I let you sleep in!" Really? Slamming doors, being really loud, and locking yourself in the bathroom for 45 minutes while the kids are up is letting me sleep in? Holy hell. I'll make sure to return the favor all next week, getting the girls ready for school. :/

I've also realized something awesome. You need to leave for work at 9:15am. Thumbelina has to be at Preschool at 9:00am. Guess what? If you get up 30 minutes earlier each morning, YOU can drop her off at preschool on your way to work! It's not even out of your way by more than 5 minutes, making the timing PERFECT! I'm an evil bitch.

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