Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Devil Has a Birthday?

Parents, please stop. I don't care what your church says, Halloween is NOT the devils birthday. Saying so makes you sound like a brainwashed idiot who can't think for themselves. I mean honestly, read your own bible. The christian devil is a fallen angel. Gods former right hand man. So, do angels have birthdays?

When my daughter comes home, feeling like an outcast because all but 4 kids in her class think that Halloween is Satans birthday, it scares me for our future. For the lies that are being spread. The link I am including isn't everything, but it can help get you started.

So dress up your kids, get some candy, and remember, Halloween was Americanized long before you were born, and it was never evil, and its roots predate Christianity. Paganism is not evil, and only people who are ignorant and hate anything but their own religion would try to put that out there.

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