Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Like my title? This is a name that Thumbelina and I debuted today. She was in the car and had to pee really bad, but there was nowhere to pull over and we were almost home, so I started joking with her.

"Well, Thumbelina, I Can pull over and you can pee on the grass right there"
"Mommy! Everyone will see me! Can't I climb the tree and pee in the tree?"
"That sounds great in theory Thumbelina dear, but then everyone would see the pee coming down, look up and say "URINATREEAPEEIN!"

We have interesting conversations on the way home. But on to the point of this journal. Let's talk about trolls. Specifically ones that target me. I don't know who you are, troll of the grandma board, but you sure as hell aren't my mom. If you were, you would made things sound a lot worse. I mean, hell, to really drive home what a slut I am, you should have mentioned that I have two kids, BY TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS, and then am married to a 3rd man who is not blood related to either! Because if that doesn't scream slutty whore, what does?

I honestly couldn't figure out what you were trying to do. You kept going back and forth between making me look like the worlds biggest tool of a mama, to making my "mom" look like an all out fruit loop. Trust me, she doesn't need your help. She does that all by herself. So that leaves me to think you were doing it for two other reasons.

  1. Make me out myself on BBC with my new screen name. WTF dude, I didn't think it was really all that much of a mystery.
  2. Make me look bad to other people, either by making me look like a tool, or by making people think it was me trolling for fun.
You probably succeeded. Good for you. Next time you try though, you need to get a few facts straight, ones you probably weren't able to cull from my former posts on the boards.
  1. My mother wouldn't be able to watch Thumbelina on the playground. I'm there. I would see her.
  2. It's not my husbands who's a controlling jerk, that's me! ;)
  3. The second restraining order that was taken out was not by my sister, it was by my BIL, on our mothers husband.
  4. In NC, it's not called CPS. It's DSS. If that was really my mother, she has enough experience with them, she would call it that.
I hope this helps you on your plans to do God knows what in the future. Good luck, and next time pass me a note. If I hadn't of checked right before the DWILs post was deleted, I never would have seen it, and wouldn't that have sucked? And if I were really as awful as you say troll mom, here is what Thumbelina would do to me!

First, she would be scared

Then she would beat me up

Finally, after beating me up, she would eat tacos

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