Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All Aboard the Alphabet Express! Choo Choo!

A local school district is having a problem. Diversify schools by busing children to schools outside their neighborhoods? Or cut down on the 2-4 hours a child spends on a bus each school day by just allowing them to attend the schools in their own neighborhood? I honestly think the whole thing is stupid as hell. I also think that not one person is actually considering the children involved. Should an elementary age child really spend 2 hours on a bus each morning? That puts them on the bus around 5:30am. What time would that poor child have to get up in the morning? Administrators can't put a finger on why schools are failing? If kids are not sleeping, they are going to suffer during the daytime. Break that time down, please. In my house, I know my girls need a good 10-11 hours of sleep to be at their best, so....

4:45am: Wake up, eat quick breakfast, head out the door to catch the bus

5:30am: Get on bus

7:45am: Finally arrive at school (school starts at 8:10)

2:30pm: Get on bus to head home

4:30pm: Arrive home

5:30pm: Finish Homework

6:00pm: Eat Dinner

6:30pm: Take Shower/Bath

7:00pm: Play for 30 minutes

7:30pm: Bedtime

Now, how is that good for a child? Especially an elementary age child? I guess it's OK in the minds of the ignorant adults running things, as long as the school system is diversified. In my personal opinion, what the school systems, around the country, need to be more concerned with, is making sure that the school system is allotted the same amount of money for each child attending.

*not the actual $ amount needed. This is an EXAMPLE, based on an elementary/middle school education. High school would need to be broken differently.

$5 per child

+$2 per each child in after school tutoring, to cover costs

+$2 per each child in AIG, to cover costs

It would break down to $5 for your "basic" needs, and then $7 for those with extra needs. If it were done like this, I think schools would fare better. Of course, then you would hear people who pay taxes in one district complaining about how they are paying for the "poor school" as well. I personally say they should shove it up their ass. They seem to forget that ALL children are our future. Not just their special snowflakes.

Schools also need to place more awareness on real life application. Not every person is cut out to be a doctor or lawyer. You need someone who is going to work at the bottom. Let's be realistic. It's very possible Johnny Special Snowflake will amount to nothing more than a McDonalds manager, no matter how much money Mr. and Mrs. Special Snowflake throw at the schools. The same on the opposite end of the spectrum as well.

I think I got off topic here with my rants, but the facts remain the same. Every child should be given a chance, the same funding should be applied to EACH AND EVERY CHILD! Their zip code shouldn't cause them to suffer. We also need more real life applications taught in school. How to fill out a tax return and how to write a resume would be great additions to our math and English classes. But then, that would take away from calculus. Which according to the current school model, every child needs to know. If that were true, we would be over run with rocket scientists by now, don't you think?

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