Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We are finally getting back on our feet, and baby fever is over

I want to thank everyone who was there for us during the past year when things were so stressful. My MIL, Rose, Bree, Steph, Nancy, Juli, (am positive I am forgetting some names! Sorry!)... That doesn't include the people who were praying for us and hoping things would turn around. I don't think you guys will ever know how much it meant to have people to lean on, those that would listen, and those that cared. We are finally starting to breathe again, and it's wonderful (BTW Steph, I want to order some more bows!!!!)

Last night, I told Matt that I no longer want to have another child. After two years of wanting one, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm busy with the two I have. While in theory, having another one sounds wonderful, the reality is something totally different. No sleep, tons of money on diapers, new clothes, wipes, the added stress of making sure each child is getting what they need... And that's just to start. The whole idea makes me break out into a cold sweat of fear. It's just not something I am ready for. Matt didn't say much, just told me to go to sleep (did I mention I said it while falling asleep?). I know he dreams of a boy, but it's not a guarantee.

Of course, this is when I wind up pregnant while on Loestrin FE, right?

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