Thursday, August 5, 2010

Duke Energy Holds The Key To Hell

I have come to realize that hell on earth resides in your local power company. Well, the small buildings where you pay your bills are just the devils minions. The main branches are the portals to Abaddon themselves. There is no other place as evil as the power company. I summarized this after looking at our most recent power bill.

Our July bill was $142.45. Not nearly as high as our winter bill (apparently Hell froze over), but still abnormally high for us. You say it's due to the awful high temps and I would fully agree with you if it wasn't for our August bill. $138.30. $4.15 less than the previous month. I know, I know. It's still burning hot out there, what can I expect? Well, after the changes I made and the indoor suffering I endured, I expect a hell of a lot more than $4.15! I set our thermostat on 78 during the day. 78 hot, humid degrees. This was up from the 72-73 I usually kept it at, and it saved me a mere $4.15? I hate the power company.

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