Saturday, October 9, 2010

At 10:30pm, I started having contractions 5 years ago

I'm out of toothpicks. I was using them to hold together grapes and cherry tomatoes for Alice's lunches, but ran out. So I started searching for cute ones. Bento worthy ones.

Um, my town doesn't seem to like "cute". Luckily, I found cheap china goods at the Dollar Store. I can squeal with delight. They are not what I wanted, but they'll work. Photobucket

Since I'm sharing photos, let me share my Jackie O'Latern lunch that I made Alice. The one she walked out of the house leaving on the coffee table. She's a bit scatterbrained, and I didn't notice because I got called in to sub at the preschool.
Awesome, right?

Today, I am hopefully spending the day making a new sew tutu for Thumbelina, dragging alice to the stores with me, because I'm evil like that. Unless a neighbor is willing to watch her... That would be AWESOME! Thumbelinas birthday is tomorrow and I have some things to get, and the tutu is for Halloween. She's going to be a fairy!


Becky said...

Why can't I see the pics? I bought cutesy toothpicks that the dollar store when I was going to start with the Bento thing a few years ago. All 100 of them are still in the container. Sebastian makes it very difficult - all he ever wants is peanut butter and nutella or peanut butter and honey with nothing else. He won't eat any healthy stuff I send in his lunch box. He will eat it at home, but not at school. I give up. I wonder if I had a girl, it would be more fun to Bento.

Becky said...

Oh now I can see them! They are cute LOL

Princess Peaches said...

Becky, I do this thing with peanut butter and jelly that the girls both like. I put PB between two slices of bread, cut the edges off, and then take a rolling pin and roll in out flat (both directions. PB will squeeze out).

Then, I put a layer of jelly on top, roll the bread like I'm doing an Italian loaf for the oven, and slice it into 6 rounds. Alice calls it PB&J Sushi.

Becky said...

Oh, the rolling pin is a great idea! I was using some Halloween cookie cutters, trying to get 2 per sandwich and they didn't quite fit. I am totally trying that!! I wonder if he'd go go for the "sushi" idea. That's really cute.