Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Got My Silicone Cups!

I realized after writing that, that the title sounds like I did something to my already huge ass breasts. Awesome. :P

The great reality is that I am talking about my silicone cupcake baking cups. I am using them for Alice's bento. Less waste is always a good thing. The kids talked me into buying more tiny cookie cutters too. A dogbone (which you saw makes awesome Scooby Snacks), cupcake, duck, christmas tree, a heart and gingerbread man. I adore Hobby Lobby. I also bought a cute set of of picks from the Mighty Dollar.


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Brandie said...

Nice! I have been packing lunch for Bekah, but haven't gotten any Bento stuff yet. Have been thinking about it, but just haven't made the investment.