Sunday, October 24, 2010

I will stop lying to my parents and start taking my schoolwork seriously

That is the sentence that Alice is currently in the kitchen bawling her eyes out over. She hasn't been exactly honest with us, and for some reason, I haven't been informed. How am I, the mother, supposed to know something is wrong, when it all seems fine on my end? It blows up on that end.

Apparently, the kids have to glue their homework into a notebook when they are done. I wasn't informed of this, and Alice hasn't been doing it, so she gets in trouble. I check her agenda off each day, because she does her homework, but apparently, glue is a part of it. No excuses. I get it. However, I can't enforce the damn rule if you don't inform the parents. (This is the part where you say, "Duh")

Why do we consider it lying? At her school, if you finish all your homework, you get to eat in the classroom on Friday. If not, you have to stay in the cafeteria. Alice has been keeping it from me that she has had to stay in the cafeteria a few times because she forgot to glue her homework in.

Have currently sent her to sit on her bed until she calms down. At this rate, she would be done with them if she'd just, you know, write them.


Brandie said...

It bekah over and hour to write 16 lines. 8 each of "I will not hit". and "I will listen."

She has been hitting the kids at school when she gets mad at them, and laughing and not listening to her teacher when she is in trouble...

Boy oh boy....

Hope your lines go better!

Princess Peaches said...

It took a while, but she finally calmed down, wrote 25, made the beds, and I let her go outside. Of course, I'm still an evil mom.

Brandie said...

No, evil is what we are doing. Bekah has a huge attitude right now. We make her run laps from mailbox to mailbox when she whines, throws, sasses..... etc.

Seems to be working so far!