Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Think I Might Cry

This is Alice in 2006 at my stepsisters wedding:

Notice the skin tight dress?

This is Alice in 2010:

Notice the dress that still has plenty of breathing room? (Seriously, I had to pull it tight in the back!)

I found it back in the closet. We meant to have it cleaned, but forgot, mostly because, when would she wear it again? I want to cry. Good tears. She's running around in it right now, and Thumbelina put on her red dress not to be outdone!

What truly amazes me is that Alice is 4'4 now. I KNOW she was much shorter then, so how freaking long was this thing?!?!?!? In examining the photo, it's obvious her torso has gotten longer. The beaded waist used to fall to her hips, now it's in the middle of her waist.

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