Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fight you in the street?

We enjoyed Phantom so much last night. After dropping off Matts cousin, we headed home, it was about 12:30 in the morning. Chloe was awake, but ready to crash. We didn't even make her brush her teeth. She loves Phantom of the Opera. I have created a monster. But then, I knew that.

Chloe's biological father, we will call him "SM", doesn't see her. Around Christmas, he likes to play toy man, but last year, actually didn't. We were kind of shocked, but didn't really care. She says he makes her uncomfortable. He has seen her a handful, small handful of times since we broke up. She was an infant. He really didn't care.

Every once in a blue moon, he decides he wants to see her, and then slacks off again. I told him the last time, that if he disappeared again, I was done. I was not going to put her through this again. Guess what he did?

Six months later... he calls, DEMANDING to see his daughter. After talking it over, Matt and I agree. We tell him the time and date. Chloe begged not to see him, but I told her she needs to let him know, not us. Turns out, she didn't have to. He didn't show up until 2.5 hours after the set time. She was in bed. He of course blamed the world. Not his fault. (really? you couldn't make it nor call because your oldest daughter had to take a shower?)

Well, a few months later, he tries again. Calls, while I had company, demanding to see his daughter. I agree, but he better show up on time. He starts going on his end "ok Tina, just calm down. Don't get upset!" To which I burst out laughing, just as everyone else does in the room, as I had it on speaker. I guess he thought he would try to make me sound crazy on his end? Hmmmm.

Shocker of Shockers, he didn't show up. Nor call. We hadn't heard from him since. Until today.

With getting home so late from Phantom, we were all still asleep. At 9:30, the doorbell rings. I look out the window, it's SM. Usually Matt has me deal with him, but this is the SECOND time in 2 years he has done this. Chloe ran into the playroom, hid behind the couch, crying. Matt goes out to ask him what he is doing here. SM gets belligerent and demands to see his daughter. Matt says no. Chloe will not come out. And tells him to get off our property. SM refuses. Matt tells him he will make him leave.

SM tells Matt to come out onto the street so they can fight! What? Is this middle school? Really? Matt of course throws his arms up and says "go ahead! Right here!" (boys!) Now, imagine a 5'5 boy wanting to fight a 6'6 man. Really? Especially a 5'5 boy who has never been in a fight with anyone except to beat me up. He is shaking with rage, which I remember him doing whenever he was beating me.

I push Matt inside and step outside. I then tell him to leave as well. He refuses. I tell Matt to call the cops. SM laughs and steps forward toward me and says he has the cops in his pocket (did I ever mention that he has two family members who are schizophrenic? That he himself has a narcissistic disorder?). I tell him that it's great he has the cops in his pocket. How about the sheriffs department? I point to my neighbors house and tell him that my neighbor is a deputy for the sheriffs department. He RUNS for his car. I think he was really going to hit me. Which would have been bad for him.

Matt was already on the phone with the cops. I locked the door and went to get Chloe, to show her that he left and she was safe. The cops came, wrote a report and headed to his place. Told him to stay away or they will arrest him.

Hopefully, this will be the end of it. For now at least.

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Trippy Momma said...

I'm not sure how i came to start following your blog (maybe bbc) but the more I read, the more alike we seem. I have a 3 year old daughter who hasn't seen her father since she was about 4 months old. And what happened with your ex is my worst nightmare. I'm terrified that he's just going to show up one day, demanding to see her.
I hope everything turns out well! Good luck.