Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am going to marry coffee

This is the second damned night in a row where I can't sleep. It's starting to wear thin. And he, my loving fiance, doesn't understand why I am so tired. I CAN'T SLEEP! And damn it, I try. Really hard, but my mind is not shutting down.

Maybe if I could talk about it all? He doesn't want to hear it though. Every time I bring up why I am stressed, he blows me off, or gets angry because I am bringing up money again. It's getting old. I am tired of the same old drama. Sorry doesn't work after awhile.

His boss needs to get his British ass down here and open these stores. I don't think I can put up with much more of him being home 24/7. I might wind up in prison if I get one more remark like I did today. I CASUALLY mentioned that when he starts working again, I am going to start putting the child support in my account (our wedding fund) to supplement what we are lacking. His response? "but then I'll have to put my whole check into our account, and I won't save anything!"

Really? What, are you 7? Am I stealing nickels out of your piggy bank? Did I miss the part where you should not have to suffer at all for the sake of our wedding? That I am supposed to bear this myself? And no, and apology HOURS later won't make up for how that stupid comment made me feel. It really won't.

I get that you like have money in the bank, but you have thousands in your CD account, that you refuse to touch. YOU HAVE MONEY! Back off.

And for those who are going to freak out about the CS supplementing our wedding, grow up. My daughter is very well taken care of, and it cost me more than the $300.00 a month he pays. If I took him to court, he would have to pay me 854.00.

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