Friday, June 19, 2009

Nothing Else Matters and Other Wedding Matters

Our violinist for the wedding can play some of my favorite music. Music of the Night from Phantom, Canon in D, my future MILs' Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring... It's wonderful. And he was a steal at $175. I can't complain. He does say he can learn anything, as long as I give him warning.

My problem? I want him to play my favorite METALLICA song. How to you ask a violinist to learn to play a heavy metal bands song? Really? Isn't there some unspoken law that you do not ask a trained violinist to play heavy metal?

Sharan (MIL) is insisting on having truffles as our gifts to people. I do want to do a candy, but truffles? She is thinking 2 per person. Um, truffles are $4 a piece, 160 needed... Doing the math here?

I still have to meet with the venue again so we can come up with the centerpieces. I bought one huge floating candle bowl. I am going to put a tall vase with purple sand in the center, with the sticks coming up from it. The champagne colored candles floating around. The bowls cost me $15 a piece, and I need 7 more. This venue buys new glass items all the time, so I am hoping that they will buy these and I won't have too. That will save a huge chunk of money.

There is so much to do, and I am super stressed! See the countdown at the bottom? Subtract 31 days from it. THAT is when I want to be done. Still left to do.

1. Buy stamps for the invitations and the RSVP envelopes.
2. Order monogrammed napkins for the early table.
3. Chocolate Truffles?
4. Buy plates and forks for the cake.
5. Buy my shoes.
6. Maids shoes.
7. Get my dresses altered.
8. Mail final payments for :
B. Violinist
C. Venue
D. Caterer
E. Florist
F. Cake
G. Something I am sure I am currently forgetting....
9. Find New Minister
10. Again, more stuff I know I am forgetting...

Someone shoot me. Right between the eyes.

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Princess Peaches said...

I knew I forgot something!!!!!

Memorial Candle and Programs!!!