Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Pains

I wanted to wake up this morning, but I couldn't. I was having a nightmare about the wedding, and it felt so real that I was being driven insane.

It was my wedding day, and things are perfect, right? No, not really. Apparently, I had forgotten to buy shoes. I know this comes from being stressed about not finding the perfect pair yet, but I am sure they will show up. They have to, right? THEN, the person doing my hair, clipped it up with those snaps clips and a BANANA CLIP!!! WTF? I ripped it down, and kept begging my sister to do it, but she kept doing everyone else hair and not mine. It's an hour past the start of the wedding now.

I go to put on my makeup, and it's gone. My huge black velvet case is gone. Like it never existed. Matt comes running up the stairs and I freak out on him because he is not supposed to see me. For someone reason, my first love, Jason Lackey, was there as well. We didn't speak. He just stood there with Matt. They left together.

So, for the final straw of driving a bride to pick up a loaded gun? I put on my dress, shoeless, crappy hair and no makeup, only to find that it was altered wrong. It's 2 hours past the wedding start now. I am hyperventilating.

At this point Matt wakes me up from this realistic nightmare, I have a splitting headache, and am more stressed than needed. Thanks subconscious.

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