Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God REALLY doesn't want me having sex.

As I think I might have mentioned before, Matt and I are abstaining until marriage. It's our commitment to God. Though, to be honest, I am pretty weak when it comes to sex. I also like teasing him, because I am evil like that. (don't feel bad for him, he knew it when he proposed)

In the past week, we have attempted twice to have sex. We couldn't keep saying no. Here are the situations that occurred.

1. We were fooling around, and I had his pants pulled down slightly. Not far enough obviously, because I wound up strangling his balls with the waist band when I moved into a certain position, thereby ending any potential nooky session before it took off.

2. Tonight, it happened again. This time, his boxers were pulled down where it would strangle the boys. Somehow, I didn't lift my leg right? And I wound up kicking him, HARD, in the knee cap.

I think it's Gods way of saying no. A funny way of causing pain to Matt for being weak enough to give into my sexual demands. LoL. We can't wait for the wedding. We have the presidential suite at the Omni. If I am not too tired or drunk on wine and champagne...


The Drama Kraut said...

Hang in there!

samanthablue84 said...

Hang in there. I could never do it.