Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Fate Mallory...

(for those out of the loop, that would be a Natural Born Killers qoute)

Matt and I packed up the kids today so we could spend 2 hours at the sports center, to swim with the kids. They have a huge pool, and a water "park" for the kids. We did the usual swimming for about an hour.

Today, I finally got Chloe to float on her back. I find it so strange that I am such a fish when it comes to water, yet my daughter is terrified to truly learn to swim. So, floating on her back is a major step. Once she learned it was ok, she was off, and we were laughing, pretending to take naps in the pool. Emily was jealous and kept trying to pull me under by my foot.

Emily is doing great too. She is swimming like a champ with her floaties supporting her. I got her to go under twice today. She still forgets to keep her nose clamped the whole time, but she's getting the hang of it! I am really proud of my babies

Two days ago, Matt and I were talking, and I brought up Emilys' dad. His girlfriend before me actually. Christy. He never really got over her. It was sweet and sad all in one. Especially when you are dating the guy who is still in love with his ex, who is married to another man... Get all that? I haven't seen her in YEARS. I honestly wouldn't know her if I saw her on the street.

It seems however, that she didn't forget me, because guess who also has a summer membership at the sports center? Yes. She does. It's so strange. Speaking to the girl that, in a way, kept a man from committing to you. You want to hate her. You really do. But she is so nice. So Sweet. You can't hate her. You actually realize what you always knew, she's someone you could hang out with and have a great time with.

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Trippy Momma said...

I know I'm commenting like crazy on your blog, but i totally understand having a guy who never "totally" got over someone else. My fiance (I imagine)) will always be in love with his ex (baby momma). He knows that it will never ever happen and i honestly don't think he would ever try to make it happen. But she just got engaged, and even though we're engaged too, i could tell that it upset him when she told him.
Any ways, just thought i would comment :) Good luck with your wedding!