Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sisters Gourmet Cookies

For my birthday this year, my sister bought me this:


Now, my birthday was back in April, and I can not explain why it took me this long to make a cookie called chocolate chunk. Please do not revoke my membership to the sisterhood, ok?

Today, I made said cookies, laughing at the package because it said that it makes 20 cookies. I only got 12! Liars! 20 cookies would be fingertip size! Right? Who eats fingertip sized cookies?

Well, this just goes to show, you need to learn that the box might know what it's talking about. Especially when it's a big cookie company that sells millions of these.


All 12 cookies are this big. I just split one with Matt. It took a lot to eat just half. They are good though. Huh... I baked a cake Thursday night, cookies today... Becoming little Ms. Suzy Homemaker, aren't I! Ok, not taking it too far, tonight is frozen cheese pizza. Tomorrow? Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes, and squash. Yummy.

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