Monday, June 22, 2009

Why is it always ME?

It never fails, we go to store, and my items on the list get cut, so everyone else can buy the things that they want. Mommy wants poptarts? Has a coupon? Sorry honey, we can't afford it. But they'll be damned if they don't get the cereals they want! Especially my oldest child, Matt. Yes, the fiance. Can't get my poptarts, but he sure as hell isn't walking out with some sodas and two boxes of his favorite cereal!

Why is it always ME who gets cut? Why do I always feel the need to be a raging bitch just to get things to go my way, just once? If I want the tv right now, I am going to have to bitch that in the past 24 hours I have only watched ONE show, Bridezillas, and only because he wanted to see the physco chick too. If I try to put it on one of my shows that he doesn't like, he'll say "can't it be something I can watch too?" And either I change it, or he huffs to the living room to watch his shows.

Sorry Buddy, but you are currently watching Globe Trecker, The Spirit, and other stupid warrior shows that I can't stand!!!! Why do you think I am on the fucking computer!!!!!!?????

So, why am I so angry about all of this right now? Last night, I spent $4 on an item for myself. A jar of bread and butter sandwich pickles. I never buy them, though they are my favorite. Last night I did. I came in, put up about half the groceries, he did the other half. It is lunchtime now. Think I will make my sandwich I have been wanting.

My pickles are not there. Not in the cabinet, not in the car, not in the fridge (where his OLIVES made it into!), not in the lazy susan... So, Matt, where is the reciept so I can check to make sure it was rang up? He threw it away.

What? Are you fucking kidding me? You never throw away reciepts. I balance the checkbook with them, and this one reciept, the one I really need, you threw away?

Why me? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ME!!!!!!!!!

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