Thursday, June 25, 2009

Xzibit, What The Hell Did You Do To My Car?

Matt watches a lot of stupid shows. I mean A LOT. Rob and Big anyone? Viva La Bam? Sorry, this is a case of too much freaking money people. What idiots do with it, and MTV pays them for it. Makes for exciting TV for middle schoolers and 32 year old men.

As stupid as those shows are (Matt sitting here beside me with a "Hell Yeah" look, playing the air guitar to Radiohead), Pimp My Ride has got to be one of the most idiotic shows ever. It features quasi rapper Xzibit showing up at some poor morons house, to critic their broken down, generally nasty looking car. Then, he drives it away to the garage, where they "pimp" it out, yo.

Now, I am first to admit that these cars need some help. Some major help. But Pimp My Ride seems to take this idea to the extreme. In the beginning, it was great. Now, cars have paint shooting on the wheels so the owner can paint the street as they drive. All going on the theme that the car owner is a budding artist.

Yesterday, there was an episode where the girl was an avid camper, and a bear once broke into her car. So what did the genius men who probably wouldn't know a bear if they saw one do? Covered her seats in SALMON skin, put a cannon that shoots fish oil out of the back, and turn the small trunk into a holding spot for a pop out hammock/sleeping bag.

Um, really? Salmon is only a bears favorite food, to which, it will be drawn to buy the smell of the fish oil the car is prepared to shoot, from the back, where a stupid unsuspecting camper is going to sleep in a hammock attached right above. Does any part of that scream smart to you?

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