Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, he wasn't cheating this time...

But our pastor did call me aside to talk to me in his office. He wanted to discuss divorce with me. Since it would be inevitable since Matt and I lived together before marriage.

Really subconscious? THIS is what you hold onto? Are you trying to torture me? Yes, I know that the divorce rate is higher for those who live together before marriage. But can someone explain to me why? I realize that co-habitating couples technically have less holding them together. In states that do not have common law marriages, it's easier to walk away from, but why do marriages between these couples fail? Does anyone know this answer?

Matt and I already live as if we are married. Ricky, Emilys dad, has long considered Matt to be Emilys stepfather. We share a joint account, the debt is all ours, not mine and his. We are essentially stuck together. (Whether he likes it or not damn it!)

Why should my marriage not be as stable as the couple down the street who didn't live together before marriage? What makes them so different? This is what they are not addressing. How about instead of coming up with statistics, come up with a WHY. You can't change statistics without knowing why they are caused.

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