Monday, July 6, 2009

$216 LATER....

Made it to his appointment. Was not killed by South Carolina serial killer, but that's possibly because he might have been killed himself, earlier during the day in North Carolina. Here I am worried about going to South Carolina, when apparently (speculation) he was living right down the road in an abandoned house. I really hope that it was him, and that Gaffney can finally begin to heal from this. They will never be able to truly return to normal.

Matt, the girls, and I headed down around 1:50. Got there a few minutes early and started looking at his choices. We kept arguing over what would look best on his face. His last glasses were big, but suited his face. Sorry sweetie, but you have a big head. And he seemed to forget that when looking at glasses. He was putting on these tiny things and getting agitated when I would just look at him as if he lost his mind.

Finally, we agreed on two pairs. Exact same style, one is black, one is gun metal. While he went back for his appointment, the girls and I played Simon Says. Which Emily has yet to grasp the concept of. She would lose, but then complain because, "Mommy, YOU said! Who's Simon?" At least she knows to always listen to mommy!

While playing, this creepy looking old white man kept staring over at us. I mean a cat stare. Eyes never blinking. Luckily, Matt didn't take long. He's was freaking me out. People, word of advice, just because you think kids are cute, don't stare, it's creepy and it freaks moms out.

When he got out, we sat down with who I will call the company salesman, who tries to up sell your glasses. The $69.00 option gets you in the door, but his job is to up sell. Which I quickly shot down. I don't like sales. I like seeing the information for myself. After realizing I wasn't going to hear it, he just gave us the information, and stepped off for us to discuss. Matt wanted to stick with the cheap plan, but I saw the benefit in upgrading. First, his eyes are AWFUL. He has no UV protection. Plus, his vision has gotten worse, so the plastic lens would be so thick, I would have to point and laugh. And, we could get one pair tinted, for driving purposes.

Now, he has two great pair of glasses, or at least will in 10 business days. When we get to drive back down there. YAY!!!!

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