Sunday, July 26, 2009

Watchmen~(and the big blue penis)

I just sat through two night of Watchmen. It took two nights because he fell asleep last night. Which I would normally say doesn't bode well for the film, but Matt is one of those people who can just fall asleep. I don't know what actually keeps him from sleeping during car trips. Probably my ever running mouth about his driving.

To be honest, I never actually read the Watchmen comic. I knew about it, but never really read up on it. I know more about the X-Men and Spiderman (which could be a whole other post on my anger of how X-Men was ruined by film), but I was intrigued at seeing a giant blue penis up on my screen, so I watched the movie.

It wasn't horrible. Wasn't the best movie I have ever seen, but not a total waste of two nights, even if I would have preferred seeing Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone again. The blue penis, which I personally thought should have been the highlight of the entire movie, was relatively small in comparison. I felt like breaking out the magnifying glass. I mean, if you are going to be a six foot tall glowing blue man, please be a shower, not a grower. For the female fans?

Dr. Manhattan though, seems to be great in bed, as he kept Laurie satisfied with 3 versions of himself, while still working with a 4th version. Most woman only dream about having more than one man showering her with attention, and this whiny bitch just gets mad. I think I might need to pimp slap some sense into her.

Currently Matt is offering to go out to the van to grab my first two Harry Potter movies. But, I said no, as I really want him to watch them with me. I have set through Lord of the Rings at least 4 times, and Star Wars, it's the least he could do. Why won't I let him get the movies to start tonight? Remember that falling asleep issue I mentioned earlier? Well, there you go. I'll torture him tomorrow evening.

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