Friday, July 31, 2009

I am more than a mom, right?

Because sometimes, I really don't think I am. Is being a mom all there is to me? Am I going to be anything more to anyone else? Or is this my total identity now? Matt can go off anytime he pleases to hang out with the guys, have fun, be something more than a dad, but damn it, I can't!

It seems guys are more patient to wait for their friends, and not give up on them if they can't jump every time they call, but women? It's like a 3 strike rule. "Let's not call Tina anymore, because she's always with the kids." I just want to cry.

What happened to me? When did I lose myself? Don't get me wrong! I love Matt, I love my girls. And I wouldn't trade them for anything. (the hope diamond? ....Um....Um....Well.....No.) Sometimes though, mommy needs to be something else. A friend. Who's holding a drink in one hand, and laughing her ass off. Twirling on the dance floor with the girlfriends of the past.

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