Monday, July 20, 2009

The Peach Trick

Back after popular demand.... And I can't claim credit for it. I started a thread on the OBHB about tricks for oral intimacy, and another poster told me about the Peach Trick. I tried it, and Matt loved it. Since then, I am the Peach Princess. Below is a basic tutorial for the trick.

For the peach trick, you get a peach, and "core it" as you would an an apple. slit it down one side, to allow for sliding it on, otherwise it will split during your solo mouth routine.

After you finishing taking out the pit and enough flesh, heat it up for 10-30 seconds in the microwave. Test the temperature with your tongue, or else you will burn his penis. Not fun.

USE A TOWEL. Yes, there will be juice. That's what makes it taste good for you!

Also, this is NOT a technique to be used when intercourse is going to happen.

Slide the peach up and down his shaft, it feels like your vagina, hot and wet, on his penis. Then, you take the tip in your mouth, while still moving the peach on the base of the shaft, slightly up and down, along with a turning twist of the wrist, while blowing the upper half.


KayCee said...

And here I am wasting perfectly good fruit by EATING it!!

Princess Peaches said...


Anonymous said...

Peaches my DH loves you. May you forever be known as the Queen of Peaches from now on.