Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Town Chocolatier is an ass

but, we still ordered from him, because driving to South Park to pick up chocolates for the favors just seems to be too much. Especially being the day before the wedding. I have enough to do, right?

Why do I think that Jean Luc and Ann Marie are assholes? Well, they were down right rude. Matt wants to think it's because from France, but I have met plenty of French people who were super sweet and friendly, not stuck up jerks. She is from New York, and that's not an excuse to be a bitch to clients either. My own father is from New York and can charm the socks off of people.

Normally, when someone sets up an appointment, you prepare for them. From the moment we arrived, my sister, Matt, and I felt as if we were intruding upon them. Matt jokingly said "we are here for our appointment to eat some truffles!" with his normal smile, and she looked stone faced at him and responds "have to pay for them" As if dealing with us was an aggravation. Really? We want to give you business, at least SMILE.

Every question seemed to be a hassle for them to answer. I think at one point she actually rolled her eyes at our question about the pricing and flavors of truffles. My sister is one of the sweetest, nicest people to deal with, and not even a small twinkle in their eye. I don't get it. Why be rude? Every vendor I have dealt with has been all smiles, and helpful. Coming and sitting down at a table and going over options. These people never even stepped foot from behind their counter.

My personal opinion is that I offended them by not using them for my wedding cake. Well, sorry, but the guy down the street makes cakes the I love, and I am not going to pay $200 more to YOU for a cake I may not like. Matt says they couldn't possibly have an issue with this, but since they asked me 5 times on the phone, and then 3 times in the store about their cakes and who I was using, I am under the impression that they are offended.

All I am going to say is word of mouth. As soon as I told Emily Sims, our Wedding Venue coordinator about the service, she informed me that I am not the first to have issues with them, and that they had removed them from their website due to that same issue.

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