Friday, January 15, 2010

A dream is not a wish the heart makes

Last night, I was thinking about some kids who were out of their home walking around in the middle of the night, before I went to sleep.

Is it any wonder that my dream involved Alice leaving the house while I was asleep? Nothing either of them have ever done before. But the dream went that I went to wake her up for school, later than usual, but there was a knock on the door. She had left to go to a friends house and locked herself out. I freaked, as any mother would. When Bob and Sheri clicked on my alarm clock, I was more than relieved.

So, imagine my fear when I go into her room to wake her up, and she's not in her bed? My heart jumped in my throat and froze. "Alice? Alice?" I turned and looked and in my bedroom, on the floor, saw the blanket I had made her for Christmas. Apparently, she had a bad dream and had come to lay down on her dads side.

Heart attack first thing in the morning are NOT fun.

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