Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's see it before I destroy it

Tomorrow is the last night of part 1 of my cake class. Tonight I slaved in the kitchen baking the cakes and decided to go ahead and do the base icing. Tomorrow I am going to sit in class and try to make it look beautiful. Which means I have to make a morning trip out to Walmart as I am completely out of meringue powder, which I need for my icing. There is also something else I know I need to pick up, told myself to write it down and still forgot.

Oh!!! Green icing... And a tube of Wilton brown icing! Yes! I also figured that I could pick up some ready made Wilton icing for the roses and sweet peas we are going to practice. Yay! I remembered!

So, I wanted to share my base with you all, I am all happy and think it's beautiful. So, lie to me and say the same.

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