Monday, January 18, 2010

Wilton Cake Class-Night 3

I didn't blog about night two, I don't remember at least, because I was sick. I went, but it took will power to get my butt there. I made a football cake. Kind of a trial super bowl run. Which we were supposed to have the party here this year, but Matt doesn't think he'll have the 52" out in the living room in time (currently the 32" is out here, and the 52" in there. No, I don't know why, except that he hates me)

So, I am not wasting my time to make up food, appetizers, and deserts for a party I will not be able to attend. Again. Not going to happen. Call it bitchy, whiny, whatever, I am tired of being stuck in the house, and I am putting my foot down. If I am not going, I am not contributing.

So, back to tonight. We are learning how to make flowers. I really wish I had taken the camera to class. I made a 5 petal rose, and was pretty proud of myself. For a first attempt, it wasn't too butchered. I am actually going to practice on it tomorrow. Just for myself.

Shocker of shockers, I felt like crap again all day today, I think Cook Out poisoned me with their wonderful chocolate milkshake, and I was going to blow off class, and practice on my own tomorrow here. But pretty much at the last minute, I started feeling better, walked Matt through making cupcakes, and I made the icings. It was barely enough time, but I managed to walk out of the house with half assed crumb coated cupcakes. I left 12 cupcakes behind with extra purple icing for the kids and Matt to have fun with.

As I mentioned earlier, tonight was all about learning simple flowers. And shell borders. Along with big dots. Which is what I wanted to learn, as I really want to make a family tree cake. So, in decorating my half ass cupcakes tonight, I played with the flowers I love and the faces. Bare with me, as I only brought a couple of colors, and this might have turned out nicer if I had the right colors. (Why, yes, we do have naturally purple skin, how did you know?")

Here are the girls and Matts (they taste awesome, I just ate one, sore throat and all):
Class Cupcakes

And.... Mine:
Class Cupcakes

I went ahead and signed up for the second class. I figured that it's my one night a week to escape for 2 hours.

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