Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peaches Celebrity WTF?

The Odd coupling of 2009 would have to be Katy Perry and Russel Brand. You know, the guy that looks like he crawled out of a dumpster and can't speak a word of understandable English? Matt has the hots for her and said that he just shriveled at the thought of her with him. (which begs to question why his pen 15 is thinking anything when it comes to her, but that's another matter, which I will consult with Ms. Bobbitt in the future about)

I wake up this morning, and on my Yahoo News page, it's all about how they are engaged. Honestly, this wouldn't shock me so much, except for the fact that Katy Perry used to sing under the name Katy Hudson. And was loved by her genre. Which was gospel music.

Apparently, kiss one girl and you turn your life completely around. Become rich, famous, and engaged to a homeless wannabe.

Good Luck Katy.

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