Monday, January 4, 2010

Wilton Cake Class Monday

I have 3 more of these classes. The first one was pretty cool. I was of course the last to arrive, but still 2 minutes before our instructor, who was actually pretty cool. Kendra was her name. 4 year ago, I had never met a Kendra, and now, they are popping up all over the place. Though, none as cool as my nom nom nom dinosaur friend. She's the only person I know who on the first time meeting you will grab your boobs. It's an inside joke.

But the class left me excited, yet nervous. She said anyone can bake a cake, but it takes artistic talent to truly decorate one. Which is why so many cakes wind up on Cake Wrecks I guess. And I have enough artistic talent in my body to fail Art 1. Seriously. I failed Art 1 in high school. Granted that has a lot to do with the changing of teachers midway through the year, and Coach Ahn was not a fan of mine, but I still failed. So you can imagine where my mind is. It all looks easy on paper. I just see myself looking like an idiot next Monday night.

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