Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still sick.... There goes my Christmas Holiday

Kids go back to school tomorrow. Life returns to normal. It's good that they go back to school, maybe I can get the stupid trees down. It's bad they go back to school, because I have to be the one to get up with them.

Matt is heading out in 18 degree weather to watch the Panthers play today. (and is telling me about the $7 panther scarf he saw at Food Lion right now. He's got a one tracked mind)

Alice is about to eat the eggs he made her for breakfast.

Thumbelina is at her dads until 4pm (can't come soon enough)

I am in bed, still can't hear out of my left ear, and terribly sad about David Tennant, and wondering where I can get all of the items to start making the perfect cup of tea. Because all I want is a good hot tea with lemon. I know Matt is going to roll his eyes and want to know what the point is, but he has his coffee, I want my tea.

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