Monday, July 26, 2010


I spent part of the morning reading my past blog posts. It was bittersweet, because I remember it vividly while reading, but honestly, had forgotten so much. Like the months in the winter where I was sick for so long. After reading, I remembered the pain of the sore throats, the ear infections, the stomach viruses. Sounds like a wonderful trip down memory lane there, doesn't it? I also remembered the cupcakes I made for my cake class and was glad that I took photos to remember. I laughed again at the fact that my instructors name was also Kendra, though this one didn't grab my boob at our first meeting. She waited until our 4th (kidding, my instructor never grabbed my boobs) I looked at photos of Matt scraping ice off his car, only to drive on ice to get me something to eat, just because he loves me (and probably was hungry himself).

I also noticed I need to start proof reading. Spell check doesn't catch stupid. My brain goes faster than I type (considering how fast I type, that should tell you something), and I found myself looking at words out of context. I'm super emotional this past week (Ruby Ruby ruby ruby so-ho!), so nostalgia waged war hard.

Back to clothes again. 1 load in the dryer, 1 in the washer, 4 more to go. It's bedding day in my house. Luckily the sheet and spreads can dry outside.

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