Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chocolate Milk "Tea" Party

We have our alarm clock set on a certain station, so that we are awoken each morning to the soothing sounds of classical music each morning. This morning, however, the station decided "shock and awe" was appropriate, by playing the loudest music possible. Evil bastards. I wanted to go back to sleep, snooze just once, but the girls were apparently awake, and LOUD in the playroom. I get up, brush my teeth, and drag my sleepy butt into the kitchen to make waffles. They both come flying in, screaming "MOMMY!" and giggling their heads off. Both dressed like princesses (or in Alice's case, the anti-princess princess). Apparently, princesses do not comb their hair. 2 hugs later, I ship them back off to the playroom so that I can cook the waffles. The waffle maker gets really hot and lets off steam, so I don't want them in the kitchen with it.

While waiting on their waffles to finish, I get the bright idea to let them have a tea party, but I don't want to give them tea, water is boring, and plain milk is for everyday. "Chocolate milk will be perfect!" I shout, throwing my pointer finger in the air. Not really, it just makes it sound more dramatic. The tea cups are on the dreaded second shelf. Have I mentioned I am short? At barely 5'4, most things are out of reach. Matt was in the shower, so he was out (he's 6'5. He can reach everything. Why do you think I married him?). I drag my chair over to the cabinet, climb on top, and grab the cups and matching saucers.

For the most part, the kids loved it. Alice only begging that I never put these photos online where her friends might possibly, one day, who knows when, see them. Oops.... BAD MOMMY! BAD!




Thumbelina, who wants to be called Snow White when wearing this dress:

And Alice, begging me to never upload these photos:

Oh, does anyone have some laundry soap I can use? How about a can of good starch? Ugh. I need to hit the store.

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