Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bragging About Alcoholism

I don't understand the moms who brag about being alcoholics. Who think it's funny to brag about how much they drink and that people should just "shut up and get over it". Maybe they do have a problem and humor is just their way of dealing with the horrible path they chose? I can't imagine anyone actually thinks it's cool. "I'm a bigger alcoholic than you!" is a phrase that brought bile into my throat today.

Alcoholism is funny. It's not a joke. Many people have been affected by this issue. I'm not talking about the selfish alcoholics, I'm talking about the people surrounding them. Their friends, their families, their co-workers, neighbors.... Those people. The ones that are innocent to it all. The children who have to watch their mothers in ICU and wonder why they no longer care anymore than her skin has turned yellow due to her failing liver.

I don't mind drinking. I do it once in a blue moon. I drank at my wedding, my friend Nat making awesome mimosas, when I met my grandmother for the first time, she made me a wine spritzer which was awesome. I even love pina coladas when going out from time to time. Many things are fine when doing it in moderation, but when you start bragging about being fall down drunk almost every night? Please, seek help. Don't let your children suffer the way we did.

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